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Scandinavian Film Distribution is a Copenhagen-based, producer-orientated film distribution company focused on feature films in the entire Nordic region.

The company is headed by a team of industry veterans representing decades of experience within distribution, production and marketing of more than 100 feature films.

Our goal is to distribute 15-20 films per year across the Nordic region and offer support and guidance to producers and creatives from the early development stages. We provide MGs in all projects we enter, equity in some projects, and facilitate international sales and access to aggregation partners. 

Because no two films are the same, we work closely with producers to ensure that each film gets the tailored attention it needs and is taken to the market in the way that serves the film best - no standard solutions.

We are backed by a group of dedicated investors through Scandinavian Film Funds.


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Our latest and upcoming film releases.



Scandinavian Film Distribution is run by a team of dedicated industry professionals representing distribution, marketing, production and filmmaking competencies. Contact us for more.


Michael Fleischer


Kim Magnusson

Head of Creative
team_Marcus Clausen.jpeg

Marcus Clausen

Head of Business Development

Louise Dirach

team_Gitte Sundram_edited.jpg

Gitte Sundram

Booking coordinator

Adam Madslund

Distribution Coordinator
team_Jarle Namtvedt.jpeg

Jarle Namtvedt

Country manager Norway

Jojo Uimonen

Country manager Finland

Nikki Jeffries

Business Manager

Lasse Mucha Andersen

Marketing Manager

Scandinavian Film Funds

Scandinavian Film Fund I is the first Nordic investment fund for structured, professional financing and distribution of market-oriented and state-subsidized feature films. The mission is to distribute more than 75 state-supported feature films in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland between 2021-2026. Distribution happens through a dedicated distribution company, where we work with best-in-class producers throughout the Nordic region. Read more about Scandinavian Film Distribution

SFF is financed by private investors, who have committed over 100m DKK (13.5m EUR) to the fund. 

The fund is closed for new investments.



Christian Bévort

Managing partner

Scandinavian Film Funds

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